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Alexander Technique Lessons in Liverpool with Alice Burke
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Alexander Technique Lessons
Alice Burke  mSTAT HND
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Alexander Technique Lessons in Liverpool with Alice Burke
The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is about discovering how we react to all stimuli in our lives. In the modern world there are so many; we are rushing around with deadlines to meet, targets to fulfil plus our own high standards to live up to that it is no wonder many or us end up with tension related problems.


AT gives you a method of noticing how you react and then allowing yourself a choice whether you want to go into that habit (which probably involves too much tension) or instead remain more in balance and react in a more economical and genuine way.

At first, this new way may feel strange and that is why an Alexander teacher is helpful to guide you.
Head, Neck and Back

Alexander discovered that the organisation and balance of the head, neck and back is very much related to the quality of our thinking, moving and being. He found that tension starts in the neck and spreads just like in the fear reflex which happens when we are are in danger. Unfortunately in modern life most of us are always in this fear reflex in varying degrees.

A natural poise and grace can be seen in the ease of movement in toddlers and animals but as we grow older, many of us have lost it due to the stresses of life but we can rediscover it in Alexander lessons and find it for ourselves.
'for freedom in movement, balance and poise'
Alexander Technique Lessons in Liverpool with Alice Burke
The Whole Person

Alexander found that the mind and body cannot be separated and we must always treat the person as a whole. Tension in the mind relates to tension in the body and visa versa e.g. a worried, stressed person is going to look different posturally than a relaxed, happy person. Also all acts incorporate both mental and physical aspects e.g. the way you are sitting effects how attentive you are while you read and the way you are thinking effects the quality of your movements when you clean the house.
'The Alexander Technique helps to balance the mind, body, spirit, emotions - the whole person'
'By peeling back the layers of tension we can become more our true selves'
'Being released and upright, and in the here-and-now relates to being fully ourselves in the world'