Lessons in Liverpool
with Alice Burke mSTAT HND
Alexander Technique Lessons in Liverpool with Alice Burke
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Alexander Technique Lessons
Alice Burke  mSTAT HND
The Old Police Station Community Centre Lark Lane, Liverpool L17 8UU
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Alexander Technique Lessons in Liverpool with Alice Burke
'for freedom in movement, balance and poise'
Alexander Technique Lessons in Liverpool with Alice Burke
Who and what can the Alexander Technique help with?
People with long term/acute/recurring discomfort or pain which is tension/posture related e.g. back pain, neck and shoulder pain, repetitive strain injuries, headaches etc.
People suffering from stress, depression, tension, anxiety
Improving performance and helping with performance nerves e.g. in music, dance, sports, acting etc.
Public speaking
Improving posture and balance
Increasing ease in all activities and aspects of daily life
Benefits you can feel
Greater sense of calmness
Increase of energy
Improved breathing
Improved circulation
Increased ease of movement
Increased confidence
Increased awareness and presence
Increasing sense of self
Medical Evidence - Back Pain Trial
A major clinical trial funded jointly by the Medical Research Council and the NHS, and published in The British Medical Journal showed that the Alexander Technique is cost effective for the NHS in combating chronic and recurrent back pain: “the Technique reduces pain and muscle spasm, improves co-ordination and flexibility and strengthens postural muscles.” You can watch the videos of the trial produced by the BMJ below:
Alexander Technique Pt.1 - BMJ
Alexander Technique Pt.2 - BMJ
The Alexander Technique can help you to fulfil your true potential!